In a world long looked after by a vast pantheon of gods, humanity begins to waver away from their faiths in a time of peace and an underground movement intending to excise the pantheon entirely begins. A brooding winged comet rests in the sky high above, glowing more angrily each day as fervent followers of once mighty gods slowly lose their power and cults worshiping the gods of darkness and despair crop up in once-wholesome villages.

On the far away continent of Cientia, the Mount of the Herald has erupted, creating a land bridge between the massive island of Her’za and the continent proper. With the newly-formed crossing comes a horde of mounted barbaric warriors hold the belief that the eruption and the comet are signs from the gods that this new land is theirs to conquer, slaughtering and laying waste to all in their path. The massive alchemists’ guild finds their magic strangely futile against the uncivilized tribes and hope is disappearing rapidly.

This is the world of Denar during the Second Age, the Age of Kratos. This is a world in peril and in need of heroes.


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