Beryn "Lonetree" Wail

"Can a man not be deemed both fair and just without falling prey to the very things he contests? Must we fight cruelty with cruelty?"


The runt of the litter..

The runt of the litter, as it’s said, Beryn was born into the “Esteemed” Wail bloodline. His father, Belron, who proudly traces his lineage back to the true and noble Wails who (supposedly) partook in Enilder’s founding, proudly serves as nothing more than a lowly Guard Captain, and does so with the usual cruel and unusual methods particular to his namesake. The overly-prideful and cruel man and his sheep of a wife, Layla, bore two sons before Beryn, both the fire-haired bastards they were destined to be. Brolin, the eldest, followed in his father’s footsteps from a young age. What he lacked in brains, he made up for in brawn and took well to the art of swordsmanship. Two years younger than he was Olrin, a frail wisp of a boy who excelled in all things pertaining to the judicial system and logic. Four years after Olrin came Beryn, the anomaly.

Being born with dark hair and dull brown eyes was enough for his father to disown him outright. Unlike his siblings and mother, Beryn never delighted when his father would return home after a long night of duty with his usual “spoils of war” – The severed primary hands of thieves.. the eyes and tongues of dissents, the heads of repeat offenders. Despite having both the mental capacity of Olrin and the brawn of Brolin, he was dismissed as weak and feeble-minded for his disgust in the usual doings of his family. His words of reason and kindness went punished often, and earned him many nights locked away in his room whenever his family would take in company. By the age of nine, he was sent away to the monastery of Lewkul with empty farewells and hope that perhaps he may one day become indoctrinated enough to be proud of.

At the temples of Lewkul

The residing high priest, Rother, as luck would have it was another of the Wail bloodline, though no direct relative. He too had little hope for the young Beryn, and treated his presence as a burden. The questioning demeanor and seemingly-soft heart of the young Wail again went unrewarded and often times punished. For years he watched other and younger children excel and advance, whilst he kept the lowliest of duties when not abandoned with a tome of Lewkul’s teachings to study alone. Though his oratory skill did improve, so did his gentile and caring demeanor, as well as his ability to question. He began to quarrel with his residing priests often. At age fourteen, following a heated dispute with High Priest Rother Wail himself, he was kicked from the monastery’s premise. Having not been visited once from his family in his five year’s stay, he knew he could not return a “failure”. He, instead, took to begging.

Begging and travelling, Beryn began to favor the folk around him more and more as he found himself further from Enilder’s epicenter. As he sojourned out into the fringes of the Kingdom’s reach, he found more and more like-minded folk. To Beryn’s delight, Some even openly stated their opinions against the Esteemed Wails who seemed to hold power in every facet of Enilder’s workings. He kept his surname a secret, and made a living performing minor jobs as craftsman’s assistants.

A New Hope

Two years passed with this routine until Beryn landed in some unnamed settlement on Enilder’s Southern edge. While helping a smith he met a man by the name of Ogwa Nissam, a paladin of Terger who’d arrived from the tumultuous land of mercenaries, Neerg (And just so happened to need his sword reshaped). The two found kindred spirits in one another, and drew comparisons between the Esteemed Wails of Enilder and the Ruthless band of Neergan Mercenaries known as the Legion. Ogwa took Beryn under his wing, after finding the young Wail delighted in the Tergeran Dogma. Together, the young men took to aiding the small village and their minor problems. Between the labourous and thankless days, Beryn was taught the ways of sword and shield, and excelled in them. As a favor, and knowing the young Wail was meant for better things, Ogwa decided to take Beryn further south into Neerg. There, he’d meet the man who’d taught Ogwa all he knew. The man’s name was Weyyril Brenek, Leader of the Company of Tender Hands – a mercenary unit composed of Terger’s faithful.

Weyyril took Beryn in with opened arms, grateful for another body to fill his ranks – and one so embracing of the dogma of Terger, no less. Amid a bevvy of new recruits in which Beryn was part was a girl of Beryn’s age named Llyra. Both stood out for their exemplar skill (For a beginner)in combat. Weyyril had recently claimed the girl, his niece as it turned out, after a victorious quarrel with the Legion, who’a local unit had been ran by her father – a cruel and brutal ox of a man named Moctar Brenek, Weyyril’s brother. Moctar’s influence was strong in the young Llyra, and as she was taught to have peace and tact in her fighting, Beryn was chosen as her peer and partner. Favoring the shield and sword over the usual rapiers of the Company, Beryn was given plenty of practice against the girl’s brutal and violent attacks.

Beryn leads his men

By age 18, Llyra and Beryn fought in many battles alongside one another and the rest of the Company. By 19, they had risen to positions of command. As the years passed, however, as did Llyra’s piety and acceptance of more graceful means of combat. Soon after turning 19, the young Llyra was ordered to leave on a pilgrimage by her uncle. Beryn was to stay behind, commanding a unit of heavily armored men within the Company. It was here that he earned the nickname “Lonetree” for his particular ability to hold off attacks on the unit scale,and defend his brethren on the scale of singular combat. Weyyril bestowed him with the name in a speech, saying, “Were ever a wildfire to engulf us all like a forest of dry leaves, Beryn would remain: The lone tree in a forest of ash.”

The Legionaries Strike Back..

As the months passed, The Company of Tender Hands and the Legion found themselves on opposing sides more and more. Their rivalry turned into full-on hatred, and their battles boiled slowly into full-on conflict. The pot boiled over soon after, when a mass of Legionaries led by Moctar himself infiltrated the Tender Hands encampment in the middle of the night, attacking as their enemy slept. First, a volley of flaming arrows fell onto the dozens of tents. As the company scrambled out of bed and to their weapons, Moctar and his men charged. Adorned in a moose-horned helm and a massive great mace, Moctar and company slaughtered the bushwhacked men of Tender Hands. Only a small group had the time to rally around Weyyril’s tent prepared enough to defend their leader. Beryn was among them. Having fully surrounded his enemy after the slaughter, Moctar demanded Llyra’s return to his side. Upon learning of her pilgrimage, the infuriated Moctar ordered the final attack. All men of the Company of Tender hands fought and were felled. Beryn and Weyyril were the last to fall, but only Beryn would stand back up, keeping true to his name.

A quest for vengeance

After only moments to sift through the carnage and dress his wounds, Beryn was again dismissed into the world with nothing. His only concrete plan, he decided, was to inform his former partner of her Uncle’s passing, and her Father’s misdeeds.

Within him burned a fury, though, for yet again had cruelty and greed shattered his wellbeing. Once again the good men have been felled by those seen as lawful. Once again, no good man had prospered. With what little supplies hadn’t been picked from his unconscious body, Beryn set off northward towards his dreaded home of Enilder. He would find Llyra by following her path. Perhaps they together could find a solution to rid the world of the cruel and impersonal men who reigned within it.

Beryn "Lonetree" Wail

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