Cenei Shiksall

A tall, thinn human with long ebony hair, Cenei greets everyone he meets with a warming smile.


Cenei Shiksall
Male Human Sorcerer 1
NG medium humanoid
Init + 2 ; Senses Perception + 0;


AC , touch , flat-footed (+ armor, + 2 Dex + deflection)
hp 12 (1d8 + 1 + Toughness)
Fort + 1 ( 0 base + 1 Con), Ref + 2 ( 0 base + 2 Dex), Will + 2 ( 2 base + 0 Wis);

Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger + 1 (1d4+1/19-20×2)
Ranged light crossbow + 2 (1d8/x2)
or dagger + 2 (1d4+1/19-20×2)
Special Attacks
Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 1; concentration + 5)

0Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Acid Splash
1stGrease, Color Spray

Spells per Day 1st 3
Bloodline Arcane


Str 13, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk + 0; CMB + 1 ; CMD 13
Feats Cosmopolitan(Diplomacy, Perform(Wind Instruments)) , Toughness, Scribe Scroll, Eschew Materials
Skills Perform(Wind Instrument) + 8, Spellcraft + 5, Knowledge(Arcana) + 5, Diplomacy + 8
Languages Remman, Denar Common, Elvish, Dwarven, Neergian
SQ arcane bond (bonded item Cenei’s Flute), bloodline arcana (+ 1 to spell DC when using metamagic feats)
Combat Gear
Other Gear Cenei’s Flute, Cenei’s Journal, bedroll, lamp, flint & steel, tindertwig x5, rope (50 ft.), belt pouch, backpack, 8 sp, 4 gp


Cenei’s Journal

The Legacy of Zoph Shiksall

Zoph Shiksall was a wealthy brewer in southern Desicc. His wealth came from his brew of a powerful beer, Lord Mamba, which had been selling out all across Chellar. He couldn’t brew it out fast enough. It was a hit. Eventually a small town formed around his brewery, most of the inhabitants being employed there.

Eventually a nice lady catches his eye, a young woman named Asri. She worked with one of the delivery caravans and he offered her a position as his personal assistant. Of course, this lead to that, they were married and Asri was bearing twins. Zoph, being a superstitious man, sent for an oracle to read the future about his kin.

An aged woman, Evlyn, from the far north of Dermont eventually answered his call. She prophesised that the children would both grow to be powerful masters of the arcane, capable of heroic things.

Time rolled on. Cenei and Rote were born at the cost of Asri’s life. A couple of months later, Zoph feels it is time to reveal his legacy to the rest of the world. He hosts a huge event to celebrate his children. Many attend the event, paying their respects to the Shiksall clan. Zoph unveils his gifts for his sons, two silver amulets. One of the Moon and another of a star. They would lock into one another to form the Shiksall family crest. Evlyn makes an appeareance as well, offering another reading on the pair. Zoph, pleased with her last visit, accepts.

She reads that the boys are each only half of a whole and they will never reach their full potential until one slays the other. Zoph is distraught over this reading, and Evlyn offers him a solution for the right price. He pays her an obscene amount of wealth for an answer and she gives him a Deck of Many Things. She explains to him that she will only allow him to draw from the deck once, so to make it count. He clears out his home of all the other visitors and returns to Evlyn. He says he will draw 4 times.

His first draw yields the Sun which gives him a Glove of Storing. His second draw gives him the Vizier to whom he asks “How can I keep my boys from murdering each other?” to which the Vizier answers “Keep them away from each other.” Dissatisfied with the answer but seeing it as his best option, has a caravan put together for sending Cenei with the Moon amulet to Remmus to live with Legault, a powerful sorcerer and good friend. His third draw gives him, Ruin. Everything that he has earned begins to fade away. His wealth, his brewery, his brew.

He draws his final card and he draws the skull. After his death, Evlyn takes her deck and Rote then makes her way back to Dermont. There she stays with him and raises him as her own, preparing him for his confrontation with Cenei.

Growing in Remmus

As soon as Cenei was able to talk, Legault was teaching him what he needed to know to survive in the world. He was taught to hunt, to make shelter, identify poisonous plants, and all of the other basic necessities of living on one’s own in the wilderness. The first lesson he learned was the one he valued the most. One day, he returned home from the market with some fruit that he had taken without paying or asking. He was whipped, and Legault had a long conversation with him about doing the right thing.

Growing up, Cenei did not have too much time for fun and games. Between instruction from Legault, and running errands, he didn’t have much free time. He would make the most of it though. Whenever he would be sent to Remmus City to deliver letters for Legault because he had “more important things to do”, Cenei would watch street performers and tip them what pittance he had.

At the age of 7, Legault took Cenei on a trip across Remmus, and left him in the middle of nowhere with only instruction to live for a year and meet him back at this spot. Cenei ended up making a home out a small cave, living off fruits and deer venison. He kept himself entertained by whittling himself a wooden flute which he kept, and still has today. He thought extremely highly of himself after this, thinking he was a hardened survivor, but he also never questioned why he would find fresh fruit in his cave when he woke up or what caused the death of nearby predators that he found outside his cave.

Cenei & Ryn’t

When Legault found him and returned him home, there was no time to rest. He immediately began Cenei’s training in combat, not knowing what magic the boy would be proficient in, he would need better means to defend himself rather than amateur traps and archery. Cenei has a pretty good swordarm, but Legault wanted to more importantly cover ways to not get hit. Cenei was once again put to the test when Legault sent him to Remmus City, two years later. He was tasked with bringing a gang of juveniles to justice. It didn’t take long for Cenei to catch the youths in the act, stealing bread from a stand in the market. He chased after them into a shanty town where the boys were sword fighting with their loaves. Justice was served, and Legault was pleased.

On his return, Legault began his training in the arcane arts. It seemed that Cenei was unable to cast any magic from the Necromancy, Transmutation, Evocation or Abjuration schools of magic. Legault concluded this must mean that Rote was unable to cast from any school but those and made sure to inform Cenei and to prepare accordingly in the future.

As Cenei had grown, he was given more free time. He ended up spending that free time in Remmus City, performing his flute in the streets as he witnessed people doing as a child. During a performance, a Nephilim boy, Ryn’t, confronted him calling him a snitch. It turns out Ryn’t was a part of the gang that Cenei had turned in a few months before. Not wanting to start trouble, Cenei apologized and left. A few days later, he would return and Ryn’t would show up again and Cenei would apologize and leave. This cycle repeated itself for a month or so, until one day Ryn’t hadn’t shown up. Thinking nothing of it, he continued with his day and on the way out of the city, he heard a fight going on in an alley. Turns out, the reason Ryn’t didn’t turn up was, he had pickpocket the wrong gentleman that earlier that day and was found. Cenei offered the man the amount Ryn’t had stolen with interest for him to leave. It cost most of what he had earned the last month, but the man had agreed. Ever since, Ryn’t and Cenei had been good friends. Cenei would perform in the streets, gathering a decent crowd and Ryn’t would be there supposedly supporting him, but several viewers would go to tip Cenei, only to find their coin purses missing.

Growing up

At nineteen, Cenei was prepared to go through his final trial. A winded, magical labyrinth filled with traps from the Necromancy, Transmutation, Evocation and Abjuration schools. Cenei was told until he could make it through the labyrinth unscathed, he would never be ready to leave.

It was a taxing experience. There were halls filled with cones of flames coming through the walls, pressure plates that activated a wand of magic missles that would instantly end his attempt, coils of rope attempting to bind him, among other things. It took him two years to complete this trial.

Legault congratulated him on becoming a sorcerer and there was nothing left for him to teach and that everything else was up to him. On that note, Cenei left Legault’s home in the jungle and began to travel across Chellar, taking odd jobs and investigating ruins to further his own power. Recently on a return to Remmus City, Ryn’t had been hearing rumors of some ruins that may prove useful to him. Cenei thanked his friend, spent the night catching up, then made plans for travel.

Cenei Shiksall

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