Doraun Firebeard

This stalwart dwarf searches for truth and knowledge.


Doraun Firebeard, uncle to Norahd Firebeard, left his birthplace of Nogaard at a young age to seek out a better understanding of the world around him. Upon reaching the city of Ungar he became a cleric of Moradin under the teachings of the high priest of the temple. After many decades learning everything about the world from inside the walls of the mountain he decided to take a sabbatical and see for himself all he had come to know through his teachings.


Standing a quaint 4’5’’ tall is but a child to the eyes of a human. But his long red beard, now graying a bit around the mouth, flows in three braids that almost drag along the floor as he walks. He dresses in plain robes bearing the marking of Moradin and tries his best to blend in and study those around him.

Doraun Firebeard

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