Faethlynn Solaris

This elf carries an air of nobility and determination about her.


Hailing from House Solaris of Annailgren, Faethlynn originally seemed to be of little talent. As an elfling, she never displayed a natural affinity for the arts, nor did she learn any faster than her peers in manners of academics or professional aptitude. In her family, it is a standard that all members pursue a trade or art in addition to a profession that will not only allow the house to prosper, but all elven-kind as well.

Faethlynn has been constantly aware that she must train herself diligently if she wished to rise above the norm. Faethlynn began to seek tutelage of her father, thus learning the trade of elven smithing as soon as she was taught the fundamentals of magic, swordplay, and elven customs. Her mother proclaimed her to be of modest ability in the arts of wizardry, and chaplains noted that her faith seemed not to be strong enough to pursue a righteous path.

For the large portion of her fifteen decades, Faethlynn spent her time training amongst her father and house but this still left her with a large amount of free time. Seeking to further improve herself, Faethlynn often underwent gauntlet and various obstacle courses with elven scouts to supplement her fighting prowess. To offset her poor affinity for weaving spells, Faethlynn began to pit herself against battle-magi and warrior-priests studying their tactics and abilities so carefully that she hew through many of their defenses.

Recently, she has been practicing with her fellow elves less, as she has surprisingly outpaced them through constant dedication. She often undertakes other tasks in Woodwind to expand her knowledge, and to occasionally test her sword arm. She has become well respected, and known, for her dedication to her pursuits and aiding her country.


Fae stands at 5"8 and weighs just under 140 lbs, a bit heavy for most elven females. Her eyes are a light, radiant green and a golden cascade of hair flows down her shoulders. Proportionally well balanced and exceptionally well defined, she remains soft in all the right places. Many minor scars litter her body and she tends to be conservative in dress purely from insecurity. Green is the prominent color of her wardrobe; often accented with mithral or gold.


Faethlynn spends much of her time in smithing and swordplay and her lack of sociability reflects this. By sheer effort she allows herself to become more than what she is otherwise meant to be. She’s prone to risky endeavors, firmly believing that a skill is best learned when life and reputation is on the line.

Although she varies in temperament she shows reservation beyond her years. While she is just as quick to be merry as she is hostile, her expressions may be nothing more than a faint smile or a prolonged stare. Despite a general lack of physical expressiveness she is prone to voice her concerns out loud as long as she is within trusted company.

Meeting new people outside the elven heritage is an uncommon occurrence for her; often times she initially comes across as unfriendly. Befriending her is a slow but enduring process and more so than that of the typical elf. Her mood swings erratically in familiar company which tends to be more reckless and open-minded in behavior, though it is always within the acceptable social parameters of her heritage. Many of her actions may still seem appalling to those not used to the prolonged company of elves.

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Faethlynn Solaris

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