Ghalen Wail

Devil-Charmed, Charming Devil.


Ghalen Wail
Male human Sorcerer 3/Free-Handed Fighter 4
CG medium humanoid
Init + 4; Perception +0


AC 22, touch 16, flat-footed 18 (+6 armor, +4 Dex, +1 Amulet, +1 Dodge[Freehand])
hp 41 (4d10 + 3d6)
Fort + 5(5 base + 0 Con), Ref +6 (2 base + 4 Dex), Will +4 (4 base + 0 Wis);

Speed 30 ft.
Melee acid-sheathed scimitar +1(1d6 +1d6[acid] /18-20×2)
Special Attacks: Bloodline Power – Corrupting touch

Str 10, Dex 18 (16 base +2 equipment), Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base: Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 19
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Focus (Scimitar), Combat Casting, Arcane Armor Training, Quick Draw, Eschew Materials
Skills: Bluff 8, Handle Animal 8, Intimidate 7, Knowledge(arcana) 7, Spellcraft 5, Swim 7, UMD 8
Languages: Denar Common
Combat Gear: Potion of Cure Moderate wounds (10), Ring of Prot +1, Mithral Chain Shirt +2
Other Gear: Belt of Incredible Dex, Soul Soap, Handy Haver-sack, Ring of Sustenance, Silk Rope, Tent(small), waterskin, fish hook, winter blanket, climbers kit, loaf of bread(4).


Ghalen was born into a cushioned life of wealth within the walls of Enilder’s namesake city the son of renowned Judge Rother Wail. An oddity and the youngest of 7, he lacked the distinct crimson hair and fierce blue eyes that had since been entirely uniform to all the Esteemed Wails of Enilder past. Also lacking was the cold, dutiful demeanor of his brothers and forefathers. Instead he was quite empathetic and charming, even from a young age. He earned no sense of brotherhood in his ostracized state through adolescence, and his parents had left him to the maids of the house since birth. Most wondered if he was a true Wail at all.

Nevertheless, he was treated like one, and quickly learned that there was much privilege to his life. Just as he was old enough and learned to read, he was sent to join his brothers in an academy. Whilst they studied intently with their tutors of law and oratory power, Ghalen evaded his to explore his extent for mischief! He found he had a knack for such things as conning and producing some rather nice lies to evade discipline. At first his endeavors were quite harmless (such as: devising plots to flee the academy’s premise for a few hours to explore and charming, his way out of audits.) though as he grew a little older they became increasingly more destructive and malicious in nature. Ghalen had grown weary of his day to day life is why, and felt great confinement in both the academy and the life he was predetermined to lead by birthright. He wished to abandon it and experience the world, and the best way he could do that was to be kicked out. Furthermore, unexplainable things had begun to happen in the midst of his more intent pranks that would heighten the damage. At times, stacks of papers he glanced at would simply raise from their place and drop to the ground.

It did not take long for Ghalen to realize that he had control over these powers, and just how much trouble he’d be in to be caught with him.. He’d no idea why or how such powers manifested in him, but quickly resolved that they could be his ticket out if carefully used. For months, Ghalen acted strangely serine and attentive in class whilst secretly discover his powers more intently.


A chance of pure, foul luck would have an elderly female professor happen by Ghalen’s dormitory one quiet eve midst his quiet practice of engulfing patches of his room in a heatless fire.. which seemed to oscillate all colors of the spectrum! Her shriek stifled the flames, however, and quickly had guards upon the boy. Bound and gagged, he was dragged to his fathers doorstep beneath the moon. Ghalen’s misfortune had not yet ended, though, as there would be company with his father: One Tyron Wail. A commoner by birth, his presence in the royal Judge’s room was a gift of great honor and a reward for his vigilant duty as a guardsman within the city.

Alongside Rother, only Tyron was there to witness the ordeal. Rother ordered silence from all the guardsmen who’d dragged his son in, and of course to Tyron along with an apology and an assurance that justice will go it’s course. It did not. Instead, Ghalen was locked away deep in the Wail estate. Hidden away to hide the shame of all other Wails most esteemed. Months passed in confinement before Rother Wail announced his youngest son’s death to illness. The city mourned, but Ghalen was not dead.. And one other suspected this.

Tyron Wail, as aforementioned, was a dutiful man to the point of near insanity. He suspected foul play to be afoot since the day he was Ordered silent. As the months passed, his influence grew and grew. In quiet and amongst his peers he spoke of treachery midst the judges of Enilder.

Ghalen Wail

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