Czar Gorthok


Gorthok is the czar of the Her’zai people and leader of the Her’zai Prime tribe. Gorthok has only recently come into power and Owl Dostrek insists the eruption of the Mount of the Herald is an omen, proving that he should take the Her’zai people to more prosperous lands in the south to hunt and expand.

Czar Gorthok is known to be a highly skilled fighter wielding two kukris, a bow on horseback, or his oft-used whip. It was with this martial prowess that Gorthok came into power, killing his father’s rival, Czar Korthol.

He has also been observed speaking the common tongue and is thought to be more highly intelligent and tactical than the majority of his people, former czars and dahls included.

Czar Gorthok

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