Isaac the Learned

Standing slightly shorter than the average human, Isaac is an elderly man with a plain, wrinkled face and simple garb, though a faint sound of clinking glass is made as he walks.



Born unto less-than-wealthy parents, Isaac was a street urchin as a young man. Using his incredible intellect, he began to hock fake wares on the market streets, claiming them to be alchemical concoctions that would heal the sick and prolong life. With his self-discovered knowledge, he was able to convince patrons of the potions’ authenticity and make large amounts of gold before he ran into trouble.

When confronted about his activities, Isaac confessed to the alchemists who apprehended him and admitted truthfully that he was only trying to make life better for his ungifted siblings and parents. Hearing this and attesting firsthand to his knowledge, Master Alchemist Joachim Hadrun visited his home and offered his parents large quantities of gold in order to take the boy and train him.

Isaac acquiesced to the arrangement and was taken to the guild to study. There he excelled and moved up the ranks faster than any man had in some length of time, eventually becoming the Grand Alchemist.

Recent Events

Isaac the Learned has found evidence that the Her’zai to the north are planning to invade the civilized lands of Cientia by intercepting a message meant for other tribes of the clansmen. In order to prevent this violence, he has ordered his colleagues to find proper men to make the journey to Her’za and act as emissaries.


  • Isaac is over 150 years of age; it is said he has discovered the secret formula to stop death, but has yet deemed anyone worth of sharing it.
  • In addition to being an accomplished alchemist, Isaac is a talented baker.

Isaac the Learned

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