Jager Koniglich

  • Human
  • Ranger
  • Bounty Hunter

Early Life

Jager was born into a family of great means from Remmus. His father, Arloch, was a greedy and power hungry business man who made his riches by enslaving others and working them to the point of death. Jager’s mother, Minerva, was once a kind and gentle woman who would have never accepted the barbaric acts of her husband, but time had weakened her resolve and she chose wealth. As a child Jager would spend his days in the impovervished side of town and rarely interacted with the other children from similarly wealthy families.

Clyde was Jager’s best friend while growing up and they were often caught stealing food from local merchants or breaking into local factories after dark. Being young they often got away with a slap on the wrist and a mild scolding, but this never deterred them. One day they took their childhood games a bit too far and broke into a smithing factory. While chasing eachother around the factory with swords Jager lost his balance and knocked over some tables near a kiln. Before they knew it the entire building was engulfed in flames and they barely made it outside before the entire bulding collapsed. Having never been in serious trouble they were not sure what was going to happen. Jager’s father used his influence in the local government to keep his son’s name out of all the reports. This of course left Clyde to take the fall for the entire incident and put the responsibility of paying for the damage on his father.

Arloch being a manipulative man used this as a opportunity to separate the two boys for good. He made a deal with Clyde’s father to pay off the debt under the condition that he make sure Clyde and Jager never see eachother again. Clyde’s father had no choice but to accept the offer and moved himself and Clyde north to Desicc. When Jager found out about the deal his father made, he swore to never speak to the man again and left home in search of Clyde.

Plunged into Adulthood (15 years old?)

Jager quickly found life away from his father to be much easier on the soul and was proud to be providing for himself. The one benefit to growing up in a family of means was the education he had received. This allowed him to quickly adapt to living on his own and he had no problem finding work for different tradesmen while traveling. Most of the work was helping local business owners improve their crafting through advanced techniques or showing a show owner how to keep track of their sales and increase their profits. Jager didn’t like to admit it, but he had inherited his father’s business sense and had no problem sharing his knowledge with others.

A year after leaving his home, Jager had made his way to the west and into Woodwind. He had heard from other travelers that the area was much different from Remmus and this intrigued him. His quest to find his friend was still alive, but had subsided over the past year as the thrill of adventure took over. Woodwind was unlike any land he had seen and while it inspired a great sense of adventure, Jager was quickly finding survival to be a growing concern. The dense forest and sparse towns meant he had to plan further ahead and travel with more supplies and it wasn’t long before he found himself in trouble.

One morning he found himself awoken to the sound of someone rummaging through his supplies outside his tent. As soon as he opened the flap to find out what was going on he realized what a mistake that had been. In the last town he spoke to some shop owners who warned him of disparate group of elves that were known to ambush travelers and steal all their belongings. No one knew exactly who the group was and no travelers had ever returned. Rumor was all he had to go on and decided to brave the trip, hoping the tales would be fiction spun by bored townfolk. As it turned out, they were right and he had made a grave error in making the trip alone. He heard a stick crack to his right and turned just in time to see the end of a staff strike him in the temple, knocking him unconciouss.

Sudden Turn of Events

He awoke a couple hours later with a throbbing headache and blurred vision. He tried to squint and make out where he was, but the surroundings were completely unfamiliar and it was no use trying to guess. To his right he noticed another man casually leaned against the side of the steel bars and humming an unfamiliar tune. The man introduced himself as Jaster Mereel and stated he was simply passing through and didn’t seem interested in much conversation. Jager knew something was off about this man, but was in no position to question him. Eventually the elves stopped for the night and began setting up camp.

Within a few hours all but a couple were asleep and Jager found himself alone with Jaster. He began questioning the strange man about their captors hoping to find out whether they had any chance to make it out of there alive. Jaster informed him that the group of elves were slavers and they weren’t known for showing much kindness. Jager was terrified and didn’t know what to say. The thought of being sold into slavery and ending up like one of his father’s employees was too horriffic to imagine. He looked to the two elves guarding the cages and watched as one of the elves wandered off towards the woods leaving just one to watch them.

Jager turned back towards Jaster and was shocked to find he had vanished. He looked in every direction, but there was no sign of Jaster anywhere. Suddenly a scream rang out from the direction of the elf left to watch over them. By the time his gaze made it in the direction of the scream another rang out from the opposite direction. This time it came from one of the other wagons in the convoy. Jager got to his feet and started inspecting the area where he last saw Jaster hoping to find some trace of where he went. More screams rang out throughout the camp and he could make out the sound of swords clanging together coming from one of the tents. Moments later the entire camp was silent.

A familiar voice rang out from behind him and Jager spun around to see Jaster standing behind him with two swords drawn and what he assumed was blood running down the blade and onto the hilt. Jaster tossed him a backpack and told him to stay close and silent. Jaster approached the bars of the cage and simply pushed them apart as if they were made of rubber. They stepped through the opening and he followed Jaster into the treeline at the edge of the camp.

How to Kill

A few days after escaping the elf camp Jager and Jaster had made it to a nearby town. Along the way Jager had learned that Jaster was a bounty hunter and was hired by a group in a nearby town to murder one of the leaders of the elven group. After witnessing him slaughter a convoy of 15 or so elves, it didn’t seem like a stretch that he did this for a living. There was a lingering thought in the back of his mind though. Why did Jaster help him escape? He could have simply left him for dead back at that camp. It wouldn’t have been entirely outside his nature either, in the past few days together Jager got the distinct impression Jaster didn’t have many friends and outside of work rarely interacted with others. Why had he chosen to allow Jager to accompany him?

Upon arriving in town Jaster made his way straight to the nearest inn and requested a private meeting with the owner. This must have been the one who hired him to murder the elf group. Jaster gave him a few gold pieces to get them food and drinks while he spoke with the owner and collected his bounty. They had been well fed on their travel back to town thanks to Jaster and a wealth of luck from running into various woodland creatures. Jaster returned with a large pouch in hand and a bit of a smirk on his face. From the conversation that followed Jager learned that the owner of the inn had left out some details about the numbers the elves were traveling in and how well equipped they were. For his extra trouble Jaster bargained for twice the original pay for job.

A few hours and many drinks later the two began discussing plans and Jaster revealed he was looking for a apprentice to begin training. He was beginning to grow old and couldn’t handle as many jobs as could in his youth. Having no family to pass his trade on to, he decided the next best thing was to find an individual worthy of the knowledge he possessed. Something about the whole arrangement still seemed odd to Jager, but he had long wanted to get away from the business world and become more self-reliant. He took Jaster up on his offer and agreed to become his apprentice.

Nothing is Kosher

Get hired to track down Leirich Dearborn

Jager Koniglich

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