Johann Goldsmith

An aging man with a great golden beard and short-cropped hair.


As a young boy, Johann showed great proficiency with academics. This intellectual spark gained him much favor from young tutors and eventually earned the watchful eye of the Alchemists’ Guild. As his studies progressed and he neared adulthood, Johann’s wealthy family paid for a dedicated apprenticeship with the guild under the renowned Woden the Black.

With years of hard work and study, Johann Goldsmith eventually became a Master Alchemist, earning the achievement much faster than his former master, much to the latter’s ire. This caused a rift between the two, and their relationship, while outwardly cordial, is strained.

Recent history

He was murdered by unknown magic that caused his blood vessels to simultaneously burst by Owl Dostrek when meeting the Her’zai as an envoy.

Johann Goldsmith

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