Loradin Bugman

Hearty and full-bearded, Loradin has joyful eyes set in a deeply weathered face.


Life as a beardling (years 1106-1252 EC)

In his early years, Loradin was a devout follower of Moradin and wished to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a member of the cloth and brewer of fine ales, operating breweries in Nogaard and Ungar. Unfortunately, his mother and much of his immediate family succumbed to untimely deaths while attempting to cleanse a newfound undead taint in the far north. Through strength of arms, his father, Lorgrum Bugman, survived, though not without spiraling into a deep depression.

With his mind focused entirely on saving his family’s status, despite their declining wealth, Loradin became and trader. In secret, he began praying to Jorham, god of commerce and wealth. Single-handedly, his devotion earned him prosperity and he brought honor back to a family in shambles. He continued his life as a merchant for years without incident until he moved his father into his own residence where he found that Loradin had become a worshipper of Jorham. Accusing him of heresy, Lorgrum Bugman banished Loradin from their ancestral lands as a heretic.

Wandering cleric (8 Heizen, 1252-late 1263 EC)

Loradin left his home in Dermont and traveled south, hoping to find further work as a merchant and spread the word of Moradin in an effort to regain honor and re-enter his familial lands. His worship of Moradin was half-hearted, however, and his devotion never turned from Jorham. Loradin could not rightly turn his worship away from a benevolent god that had only helped him in his family’s darkest hour.

He continued southward into the heart of Enilder where he entered into a Temple of Jorham and requested to become a cleric. Seeing an opportunity, the clergy admitted him immediately. A dwarf serving any god other than Moradin was rare indeed, and such an addition would surely make others see Jorham’s benevolence.

For years Loradin studied and trained at the temple, eventually surpassing both peers and tutors in martial prowess and divine magical abilities. His devotion was not to be doubted, and the High Priest Dellem chose to send Loradin as a missionary to spread the good word of Jorham to lands far and wide, assisting and helping as he saw fit.

Returning from exile (16 Kul-28 Kul, 1263 EC)

Over a decade later, after traveling lands and reaffirming his faith, Loradin returned to Dermont well-traveled and sought reconciliation with his estranged father, only to find his father dying of a strange disease the clerics of Moradin knew nothing of. Despite his offer of assitance, Lorgrum turned Loradin away, damning “unholy” magics of gods other than the Forger of Dwarves. Nevertheless, Loradin prayed to his god, beseeching Jorham to cleanse his father of the mysterious contagion.

Lorgrum slipped into a coma soon after his heated exchange with Loradin and so the son once more sought out the father. Upon his next visit, Loradin begged Moradin to heal his father and began praying fervently to him. He laid his hands upon his father in an attempt to heal him and found that his divine gifts had abandoned him. He cursed Jorham and Moradin both, claiming his father’s death to be their failure.

Heading north (late 1263-34 Hearthlight, 1273 EC)

Eventually rising out of his personal despair, Loradin became a solitary mercenary, hiring himself out to guard caravans and important persons. It was after years of this labor and soul-searching that Loradin was re-hired by Argas Bugman and escorted a caravan of familial ale northward to an inn known as The Stone Giant’s Foot.

He journeyed with the original party to discover the lair of the frost giants and the true secret to their uprising in the form of a mind flayer beneath. The undead mind flayer completed an unholy pact and summoned an aspect of Cas. When the group arrived, they found an aspect of Terger battling the powerful outsider and did their best to aid the mystical hero.

During this battle, Loradin and Ysval Salvadarra were both killed. Using a scroll found in the caverns, Norahd Firebeard resurrected Loradin. After his otherworldly experiences, Loradin suffered a personal crisis and began to seek atonement for his discarded faith and his broken family, while the bulk of the group ventured to Ungar.

Summoned to the south (date 1274 EC)

During a time of great need, Beswyn Tiamus used his bracelet of friendship to summon Loradin to their party in their darkest hour. With his help, they defeated dragonkin servants of the dark gods and resurrected Falric Schloss.

Returning to Annailgren with his former companions, Loradin elected to stay and plan with Orion, King of the Elves and Ysval Salvadarra in the capital while the others moved on with their investigation of Theos rumors in Neerg.

Loradin Bugman

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