Clad in a red and black garb of a travelling monk, this woman wears heavy shackles about her wrists and ankles.


Female human monk 5
LN medium humanoid
Init + 3; Senses Perception + 9


AC 21, touch 17 (21 vs. Incorporeal), flat-footed 14
hp 38
Fort + 5 (4 base + 1 Con), Ref + 7 (4 base + 3 Dex) Will + 8 (4 base + 4 Wis); + 2 vs. enchantments

Speed 30 ft.
Melee + 8 Unarmed Strike (1d8 + 5, shred)
or + 8/+ 8 Flurry of Blows (1d8 + 5, unarmed)
Special Attacks Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist (DC 16 Fort, stun or fatigue), Shred (+ 2d6 bleed damage when hit twice. 1/round)

Str 20 (+ 2 Belt), Dex 16 (+ 1 Shoes), Con 12, Int 8, Wis 18, Cha 13
Base Atk + 3; CMB + 10; CMD 27; Ki 8
Feats Extra Ki, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Dodge, Boar Style, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Intimidating Prowess
Skills Acrobatics + 6 (+ 11 Jump), Climb + 6, Heal + 9, Intimidate + 13, Perception + 9, Profession (Personal Slave) + 6, Sense Motive + 8, Swim + 6
Languages Denar Common
SQ Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike, AC Bonus, Fast Movement, Evasion, Maneuver Training, Still mind, Slow Fall (20 ft.), Ki Pool (Magic), Vow of Chains, High Jump, Purity of Body
Combat Equipment potion of bull’s strength, potion of bless x 4, potion of cure light wounds x 10
Other Equipment ring of armor (Mage Armor; + 1 Deflection), belt of giant’s strength + 2, Nimble Shoes (+ 1 Dex), silver shackles x 2, grappling hook, rope (hempen;50ft.), backpack, soap x2, trail rations (10 Days), bedroll, waterskin, everburning torch, tent (medium), climber’s kit, healer’s kit x2 (20 Uses), cooking kit, surgeon’s tools (+1 Heal with healer’s kit), monk outfit, cold weather outfit, 178 gp, 20 sp


Saidi (Pronounced Sadie) was born a slave in service to an old man, named Archibald. She hails from a small house out in the country of Enilder. Her mother served as the personal attendant to their oft ill master and died giving birth to Saidi, condemning her to fill her role. Many of her tasks involved grueling work such as carrying water from a nearby stream, carrying supplies from town, and cleaning her master’s residence single-highhandedly. Archibald would further require more intimate duties from her but due to infirmary he was rarely able to do so. Archibald tended to be endearing to her and she genuinely loved serving him.

Her work as a slave has made her unusually fit, but she was never taught anything of the world outside her service. Her hobbies were exclusively limited to whatever exercises she chose to engage in, as well as cleaning, cooking, nursing, and her own thoughts. She was educated in numbers, though she did not learn to read or write while serving Archibald.

Little more than fifteen winters had passed Archibald perished. With no heirs Archibald’s property was turned over to the Enild legal system. During this time she stayed in her former master’s residence, depressed and alone. Tobias eventually handles her case and purchases her himself for a mere fifty gold coins. The rest of the property became liquidated and furnishings were sold individually.

While working Tobias had tutors teach Saidi to read, write and educate her about the laws and customs of Enilder. During the evening he acquainted her as to how she will serve him as her master. Initially she was reluctant to serve a new master but over the course of a couple years she was come to love Tobias. Then suddenly she was sent to a small Kusari-Maga monastery and went without seeing her master for well over a year.

Tobias would later return as a newly ranked Master and when he comes to Saidi he finds her with shackles about her hands a wrists, symbolic of her devotion to him. Fellow members of Kusari-Maga assume the cast-iron shackles are merely apart of her training and are unaware she is a slave. It is not a coincidence that Saidi always calls Tobias ‘Master’ and that he returns with that rank.

Within the past year Saidi has come to understand that Tobias and J.G. Wentworth are aliases of Adder. Choosing to believe it as a sign of trust has only increased her devotion as Adder’s slave and cohort.


Saidi stands approximately 5"6, has mid-length black hair and light brown eyes. Her body is firm almost in its entirety. She typically stands and holds herself in a distant and imposing manner. Although she won’t turn heads upon entering a room she is far from unattractive. Even unclothed she cannot be found without the cast-iron shackles about her wrists and ankles.


Strong-willed but fiercely dependent are notable characteristics of Saidi. Adder has forbidden her to speak unless spoken to, though he does not punish her if she has something important to say. Her vocabulary is simple, perhaps a bit more diverse than a slave, but not more than the average city dweller. She has troubles planning logically but if she is without orders she goes by her intuition as to Adder’s desires.

Saidi always attempts to be in reaching distance of her master, often closer unless told otherwise, though she never initiates physical contact with Adder. Although she can be imposing she is generally meek when familiar company. Her devotion to her master is incessant yet it is not overwhelming to behold. Love and the need to nurture are clear for all to see so as long as Adder doesn’t actively order her to behave otherwise. Saidi is full of smiles when tending to her master’s needs and extremely irritable when he’s away.

Notable Relationships

Jaraya “Adder” Bastille, her master
Tobias Stavenger, her mentor
Kusari-Maga, as a sister of the order


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