A crafty gnome with some unsavory friends...



As a small child on the streets, Shingles fell into a less-than-legal crowd of pick-pockets. His quick hands and quicker thinking made him a natural and he easily outsmarted and out-earned his fellow thieves. As he gained in skill, Shingles began to dabble in the art of trap-making and eventually became a trapsmith.

Recent Events

He met the original party when they rescued him and his compatriots Sulnik Neeson and Content Not Found: falric from a cell in the lair of Undar Khun. He returned to Aargdan with the group and eventually betrays them, revealing himself as a member of a splinter thieves’ guild and stealing a mystical orb from the mage, Ynit Sedeurt. In his escape, Shingles killed two town guards with fire traps, incriminating Beswyn.

When fleeing, Falric has a change of heart and attempts to backstab Shingles. Undeterred, Shingles blinds Falric with a flashbomb and escapes, returning to the thieves’ guild headquarters where he reunited with Sulnik. When Shingles displays his proud capture to Sulnik, it promptly explodes, evidently killing Shingles, but leaving everyone else in the room unharmed.


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