Sigurður Hallbjörn


Sigurður Hallbjörn was born in Dermont in the town of Nogaard to Grímólfur Hallbjörn, the town smith, and his wife Rakel. Grímólfur had been smithing all of his life, much like his father before him, and grandfather, and so forth. The Hallbjörn clan had made a bit of a name for themselves as prominent weapons and armor makers with the Hallbjörn Smithing Company and Sigurður had intended on keeping that family tradition going when he came of age. However, times had been a little rough recently. This era of peace in Dermont, while good for the general public, wasn’t always the best for those who made weapons. Still, Sigurður admired his fathers work. Despite the times of peace, his father made sure to train him in his early years in how to use such weapons, should he ever need to.

Growing up, Sigurður began to take a great interest in the church of Moradin. He spent a great amount of time in the church praying, and talking to clerics. He began to think that maybe becoming a cleric was in his life’s path, but he knew deep down that he couldn’t let his father down in the family business, being an only child, and having no brothers to keep the business going. His father noticed how much time he was spending at the church, and told him that he was sorry, but he couldn’t stray away from smithing at this time. Over the next few years, Sigurður became quite proficient in his craft, making such weapons and armor that everyone in town had to have one of his. His father had become quite pleased with his progress, as he was just a couple years away from retirement himself, and was prepared to turn the company over to his only son at the young dwarven age of 33.

Things took a turn for the worse about a year later for Sigurður. His mother had passed due to a plague that had began to sweep the area, and his father was not far behind her. Sigurður had become the full time smith at the business in his father’s weakened state, however, he did not get much done due to having to care for him. One night in their house, Sigurður had made a fire for the evening in his father’s room while he lay bedridden. Sigurður sat in a chair across the room reading when his father called him over to his bed. “Son,” he began, “listen son. I don’t want to stop you from doing what you believe is your calling. After I pass, go ahead and look into the church again. Be happy son.” These were his father’s last words. Days later, after the funeral, he closed the shop for the time being and began spending almost all of his time in the church of Moradin.

It was at this time that the cleric of Moradin Argas Bugman took him under his wing. Argas was one of the higher up cleric’s in the church, and was someone that Sigurður had admired for years, was very excited for this new opportunity in his life, as he could finally begin his training that he’d long dreamed about. Sigurður began to understand life far better under Argas. Right away, Argas noticed how adept he had become at praying and channeling divine power. After a year, Argas began having Sigurður work on his healing powers, and began taking him to other churches throughout Dermont to work on his healing. The two of them were even able to stop a spreading plague in a small town far south and a little west of Nogaard. Sigurður had been progressing quite nicely through the years. Argas then got word of an undead rising in a town to the southeast, and he decided to try Sigurður’s ability in defeating the undead.

The two of them traveled to the town which was about a day’s walk from Nogaard. It was dark and quiet when they got there, and few lights could be seen in any of the houses. They headed for the church of Moradin and met other cleric’s and were told where to go. Argas and Sigurður then set off to the woods on the far side of town where the disturbances were reported, and found 3 undead humans approaching. Argas told Sigurður to take care of it. Sigurður used is divine power to heal them to the point of being dead with ease. Argas could now tell that this was Sigurður’s true calling and his devotion to Moradin would help him through anything.

Argas and Sigurður returned to Nogaard, and Sigurður was now considered to be an ordained cleric in the church of Moradin. Eleven years after Sigurður, Argas revealed to him his intentions of moving to a different town in Dermont, the town of Ungar. Argas also told him how proud he was of his progress, and will be a perfect replacement for his role in the church, and it was just his time to move on somewhere else. Sigurður understood and wished his friend and mentor well and said goodbye to him. He would then spend the next few years doing work in the name of Moradin and healing those who were coming down with illness or were weary from travels, until one day while going through his father’s old belongings, he discovered an unfinished weapons order.

Some 15 years or so after he closed Hallbjörn Smithing Company to pursue his calling, Sigurður found the last order his father was working on before he fell ill. Upon seeing this, Sigurður decided to try his hand at smithing again. After taking the last fifteen years off of smithing, he thought, maybe it is time to carry on his family’s name, at least one more time. He used every minute of his spare time to smith new weapons. After a few months time, he finished several weapons and decided to go out and sell his weapons, and get the name Hallbjörn Smithing Company back out there. He also collected orders around town from folks who were in need of materials not native to Dermont. Sigurður informed the church that he would be taking a leave of absence for a year in order to honor his family’s legacy, then got in contact with a caravan of traveling merchants. He prepared himself for his journey by packing the weapons he crafted, which included 7 masterwork weapons, and was told they were heading for Enilder.

Sigurður Hallbjörn

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