Tobias Stavenger

An amiable yet disguntled man. He wears an Arbiter's badge of office.


An identity of Adder.

He is Human and Lawful Neutral.


Tobias Stavenger was unknown in the lands of Enilder until seven winters ago when he became a magistrate and successfully passed a battery of tests and became an Arbiter. During his first contract he worked full time; taking leave when appropriate to attend studies in Kusari-Maga monasteries. He is a vital resource of information, and frequently serves as a contact for dignitaries. Secretly, he gives information to his superiors in the Remman Thieves’ Guild.

After a few years he proved himself to be a skilled diplomat and linguist thus visiting Woodwind city of Tras several times as an emissary. Two years before his contract ended, Saidi came into his possession. While he was away or working he had tutors teach her to read, write and generally educate her more about Enilder’s laws and customs. When his contract expired he sent her to be an understudy within a secluded Kusari-Maga monastery.

Nearly a year and a half goes by as Adder tended to his duties within the Remman Thieves’ Guild and developed his second alias as Jeryl G. Wentworth.

For the past three years Tobias has worked as a seasonal Arbiter. He usually performs duties expected of an emissary, though he takes cases when they interest him. Tobias is currently on holiday to learn Old Elvish.


This appealing young man stands at 5"10 and is adorned with dusky hair and light brown eyes. Fatigue dances upon his visage yet a simple smile seems to wash it away. He bears the look of a man with some military experience and has definition and bulk to show for it. Most people assume he has a hard time seeing, but he wears glasses simply because of the strain of reading for hours on end.

He is never seen publicly without his badge of office.


Ever friendly and quick to jest, he is nevertheless serious when it comes to performing his duties. He is a complete workaholic, often handling multiple cases simultaneously and completing both in roughly the same amount of time it would take the average Arbiter to complete one. His reputation affords him the luxury to pick his clientele carefully. Tobias is well known for his work, his love for women, and the pursuit of his martial art.

Notable Relationships

Adder, His true identity
Saidi, His slave

Tobias Stavenger

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