Ysval Salvadarra

A human of above average height, sandy hair and piercing blue eyes, Ysval wears brilliant green and gold full plate.


Ysval is a warrior of great prowess, training since his birth. In his later years, Ysval became the bodyguard of Woodwind’s King in the Wood, Orion, King of the Elves. While on an assignment to disrupt the creation of the Theos, Ysval was gravely wounded by frost giants and captured near Nogaard in northwestern Dermont.

Regaining Freedom

While in captivity, much of his personal equipment was destroyed, the rest held away from him while he was chained and enslaved by the frost giant king. Eventually he was found and rescued by Norahd Firebeard, Llyra Brenek, and Beswyn Tiamus as well as their temporary companion Loradin Bugman, looking for captured dwarves in the service of Viradunin Stonehall, the proprietor of an inn called The Giant’s Rest.

Ysval accompanied the adventurers back to Viradunin Stonehall‘s inn where she and the freed dwarves, along with allied hill giants began to repair the damage to The Giant’s Rest. He agreed to assist them investigate levels below the home of the frost giants that indicated a more sinister plot afoot. They soon discover that the well-kept halls beneath the cave are home to an undead mind flayer who sacrifices himself to bring the aspect of the god of spite, Cas, into the world. During the battle, Ysval and Loradin Bugman are both killed.


When his master Orion, King of the Elves learned of his death, he ordered his clerics and mages to retrieve his remains and resurrect him, much to the ire of his former companions who wasted a good deal of time and resources attempting to do the same. He returned to his services as a bodyguard to Orion.

The party later meets up with Ysval again after meeting The Five and agreeing to assist them. Ysval travels with them once more, as well as Orion, King of the Elves and The Silent, to quell the creation of the Theos. During this outing, Agons Hershel, an inquisitor following Terger, is killed. Norahd Firebeard becomes possessed by the Bloodaxe of Kholor and slays Falric Schloss in a single stroke. Using Tender Hands, Llyra Brenek destroys the Bloodaxe and restores Norahd’s senses. Seeing the tension between the two, The Silent and Ysval remain behind to finish searching and clearing the area of the taint of Theos and Kholor while the others return to Annailgren, home of Orion.

Ysval remained behind with Orion, King of the Elves when the party left for the south.

Notable Skills and Possessions

  • Raiment of Orion’s Guard
    • Armor of Orion’s Champion
    • Shield of Orion’s Favor
    • Ring of Orion’s Grace
    • Amulet of Orion’s Faith
  • Enchanted White Lions Axe

Ysval Salvadarra

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