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  • Shingles

    h3. History p. As a small child on the streets, Shingles fell into a less-than-legal crowd of pick-pockets. His quick hands and quicker thinking made him a natural and he easily outsmarted and out-earned his fellow thieves. As he gained in skill, …

  • Johann Goldsmith

    p. As a young boy, Johann showed great proficiency with academics. This intellectual spark gained him much favor from young tutors and eventually earned the watchful eye of the [[Alchemists' Guild]]. As his studies progressed and he neared adulthood, …

  • Arwyn

    A half-elf from another age, imprisoned for hundreds of years in a patch on a Robe of Useful Items. Arwyn died as a sacrifice to the dark god [[Arodef]] before regaining many useful memories of his past.

  • Agons Hershel

    p. A warrior in the service of [[Terger]] who preferred to work from the shadows, serving as a tutor at a [[Shadow Anathema]] located in [[Woodwind]]. He offered his training services to [[:llyra]] when the two met. p. Agons was killed in battle …

  • Undar Khun

    Undar Khun was a creator of [[Theos]] in an isolated castle south of [[Aargdan]]. He was killed by the infiltrating party of [[:llyra]], [[:beswyn]], [[:norahd]], [[:lokgar]], and [[:alaun | Alaun]].

  • Falric Schloss

    This is Falric's Early Life.

    This is Falric's time as a mercenary.

    The Many Deaths of Falric Schloss

    This is his first death and time with Shingles.

    This is when he dies when I'm not there.

    This is when …

  • Olric, Son of Orion

    The son of [[:orion]]. Killed by agents of [[Cas]], [[Archaos]] and [[Kholor]] at a [[Shadow Anathema]] outpost while under the tutelage of [[:agons-hershel]].

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