Adder's Followers

Adrian & Jeremiah Wentworth: 17 and 16 respectively, they are apprentice alchemists to Jeryl G. Wentworth. They are aware that this is an identity of Adder and . For the past four years they have remained loyal to Adder for pulling them out of an ill-reputed orphanage and initiating them into the world of alchemy and business.
They are biological brothers, and aspire to run their own shops someday.

Myron Cordes (level 2): A year after Wentworth And Sons was opened, Mr. Wentworth found this out of work captain drinking is life away in a shanty bar. His ship had been sunk and most of his crew killed. His reputation had been tarnished for not going down with his ship so finding work he knew was difficult. When Mr. Wentworth offered to give him a ship to sail he graciously accepted and vowed to sail the ship as long as he was able. Moonwatcher was purchased the next day, with him, the living members of his old crew, and a few new ship hands to man it.

Emily Tiller: A robust, middle-aged, Halfling woman who owned the same shanty bar when J.G. Wentworth met Myron Cordes. The bar had fallen on hard times and was running deep into debt. Although J.G. Wentworth considered buying the property, he decided that the venue would not be profitable. He offered Ms. Tiller a position as a Master Brewer and has worked with her to create the rum known as Moonsugar. Since then her debts have been cleared and she lives a richer lifestyle than she had before.

One Remman Contact: Keeps current on guild movements and potential business pursuits.

One Neergian Contact: Keeps current on pirate movements and rumors within bars.

Two Enilder Contacts: Keeps current on notable persons status and black market interests.

Two Woodwind Contacts: Occurrences within cities, notable and rumored.

Saidi is Adder’s Cohort and Slave

Adder's Followers

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