Alchemists' Guild


The current guild was founded over a millennium ago after the events of the Second Great Schism. The alchemists who fled the unknown hero’s plot settled Cientia and continued their pursuit of knowledge under Solomon the Peace-keeper, the first Grand Alchemist of the newly re-formed guild. The guild has prospered away from the lands of kings and men, populated only by alchemists, their families and few others.

Recent Events

After the eruption of the Mount of the Herald, the alchemists began to fear invasion from the Her’zai people. With their extensive use of magic, the alchemists believed that such a battle would only bring ruin to the invading Her’zai and destroy a culture outright. The guild seeks to avoid such violence and plans on sending emissaries to treat with the clansmen.

Ranking System

The Alchemists’ Guild maintains a ranking system of all of its members. Alchemists of a certain rank and above are allowed access to more of the guilds research and better able to learn new functions of Alchemy. Being promoted from rank to rank is not solely based on skill, but also of moral character. The alchemists being considered must have shown no desire to use the knowledge to his own ends, but for the betterment of the world and Cientia. The rankings follow:

  • Learner; learners are not permitted to actually practice Alchemy, but assist other alchemists.
  • Apprentice Alchemist; the begging stages, Apprentice Alchemists are taught in groups under a Journeyman Alchemist until their skill has grown.
  • Journeyman Alchemist; Journeymen have completed the first stage of their training and are taken under the wing of a Master Alchemist and taught directly the craft.
  • Master Alchemist; the highest rank most alchemists can hope to achieve, at this rank most of the guild’s knowledge is available.
  • Grand Alchemist; leader of all alchemists and granted to access to all knowledge the guild possess, though he may choose to hide or share this information as he sees fit.

Notable Persons and Holdings

Alchemists' Guild

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