Basic Information

Cientia is both a country and crescent-shaped continent, far to the west of Neergian islands and the continent of Chellar. Separated from other cultures for a great time, the leaders who originally settled Cientia have long been forgotten, but their legacy has not. The country is more scientifically progressed than any other and they rely very little on the gods. Rather, Cientians adhere to science and knowledge to answer their problems and actively seek out new things to learn.

Alchemy is a great part of Cientian culture and has almost entirely replaced all other forms of magic, both divine and arcane. This form of magic is used for both healing and building, among other things. Because of their vast power gained from alchemy, the leaders of Cientia hold no gods, but all look up to the Grand Alchemist for leadership and guidance instead. The smallfolk still hold their olden gods, though they largely pray to Amilar and Magnus.

Recently, the volcano (Mount of the Herald) on the northwestern tip of the island erupted violently and bridged the small gap between Cientia and the island of Her’za, home of the Her’zai, turning the two large islands into a small continent.

Cientian people

The inhabitants of Cientia are primarily human, accounting for an estimated 98% of the civilized population. There exist, however, small pockets of elves and dwarves, though they dwell largely in forests and underground mountains, respectively.

Cientian crafts

The Cientians practice no craft greater than Alchemy, but through its use they are master smiths, bowyers, fletchers, and farmers. Additionally they are able to brew some of the world’s best wines and distill some of the world’s best liquors in very quick times via artificial aging due to alchemy.

Notable Persons and Groups


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