Basic Information

The land of Her’za is covered in massive, rolling hills covered in a dark yellow grass the color of leaves in autumn. The grasses grown to great heights, taller than the cultivated corn fields of Eastern man. The coastal regions of Her’za are largely covered in mountains and fjords, save for the southern land close to Cientia proper. The island is largely unexplored by learned men and very little records survive. The Her’zai who inhabit the land are thought to have killed all those who had previously ventured there to study and map out its cliffs and peaks, and so even less is known about their culture, save for what has been observed through magic.

Natural Resources

  • Rich in wild game
  • Grains cover the southern half of the island, save for the paths made by Her’zai horses
  • The northern mountains are thought to be rich in ore, though this is unconfirmed
  • Wild horses are aplenty on the land, making them a source of both food and travel

Notable Persons and Groups


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