Basic Information

Humans are the most wide-spread and populous race on all of Denar. As such, humanity has the largest range of variety among those who claim it as a race. Though the variance is large, humans are generally a tall, thin race in comparison to the dwarves, but stout compared to elves. In height they can range from under four feet to nearly eight feet tall. Builds diverge wildly from region to region, and between people in that region. Human names, skintones and cultures vary just as greatly.

In-game Statistics

  • +2 to an ability score of the player’s choice
  • Medium-sized creatures
  • Base speed of 30 feet
  • Bonus feat at 1st level
  • Additional skill rank at 1st level and every level thereafter
  • Human heroes speak Denar Common or Cientian as well as any regional languages

Humans may receive additional penalties and bonuses depending on their region and sub-sets within that region (ex: The Her’zai receive Mounted Combat as a bonus feat).


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