Basic Information

A country small in size, and smaller in population. The land is still largely wilderness, most of which is covered in a thick, heavy forest. The surrounding wilderness and general lack of large trading towns have bred a hardier people who are more knowledgeable about the forest and nature than other nations. Pockets of elves live in great towers, decorated by mithral, with the greatest towers being made entirely of the rare metal.


Woodwind is bordered on the west, north and south by the Sea of Spears. On its eastern side, the Eutigra River separates it from the larger country of Enilder. The land is largely coated in deciduous forests, though its northern areas consist largely of evergreens. The coastline is rocky and made of almost entire of cliffs and fjords. The sea surrounding the coastline is marred by jutting rocks known as Aquaria’s Fingers and make the area treacherous for any sailor.

Notable Persons and Groups

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