George Harthall

Always clad in a peculiar red sash and breastplate, George Harthall is a large, classy man among bandits.


Before the Fall (pre-1265 EC)

George Harthall was a visionary, an optimist, and in the end, a failure. Harthall saw the unfair lifestyles of judges, marshals and other leadership in the town and nearby areas and as he grew older he studied politics with the intention of bringing an end to it all.

Beginning as a simple page for judges and working his way up as a law clerk and eventually an aide for the local mayor, Harthall was finally getting somewhere. Just a few short months after his 26th birthday, Harthall was elected as a councilman for his hometown (which no one seems quite sure which town that is!) and began a campaign of progress. He garnered support from the common traders, farmers, and laborers and petitioned the local governance for lower wages and cutbacks in spending on lavish luxuries not afforded for the smaller folk.

Pack Your Bags (Heizen 1265-mid 1273 EC)

Harthall’s efforts met a stone wall of opposition in the form of Mayor Bloom, who had made allies of local judges, council members and other rich influentials in his years of service. After his five year council term was up with little success and waning hopes from the people he strived to help, Harthall gave up. He packed his bags and began to travel around all of Enilder, telling the common man of the injustices they faced and doing what little he could to help and asking nothing in return.

Just as often as he was met with great thanks, his efforts proved futile in the end as taxes still rose and those in power abused that which was given them. At some point in his endeavors, Harthall’s will to help within the bounds of the law broke.

Life as an Outlaw (mid 1273-present EC)

Harthall’s outlaw career began raiding tax collector caravans and wealthy merchant traders on his own by using guile and trickery. His exploits soon became know and he attracted both the interest of other disgruntled citizens and extra security measures from those that believed themselves susceptible to attack.

Using his natural charisma, on more than one occasion Harthall has convinced mercenaries to lay down their arms or aid his endeavors temporarily in addition to his more permanent followers that stay with him way out in the woods. Harthall uses the funds scored to pay off these mercenaries and keep his men fed and satiated.

Unlike others who may perform similar feats and heists, Harthall no longer has greater ambitions. He seeks only to punish those who have made themselves fat on the yoke of others. While not always violent, Harthall and his band have on more than one occasion murdered, mutilated or otherwise harmed captives and targets they’ve deemed worthy of the punishment. Needless to say, these actions draw a growing ire and interest from more and more powerful sources.

Harthall’s Band of Misfits

Warren Fatz: A former cleric, Warren got a bit too enthusiastic about his drink and was removed forcibly from the cloth. Despite this falling out, he still retains a measure of divine power when he’s sober enough to use it. One of George’s lieutenants.
Hector Piggun: Formerly a farmer, and a bad one at that, Hector became a part of a revolt against local constables when his land was seized due to unpaid taxes. Living in the wild hasn’t agreed with him much since joining George and he’s constantly eating or rubbing on the wrong plants causing an unsightly facial rash. George’s second lieutenant.
Henry Piggun: Hector’s overenthusiastic brother, and a former farmhand and butcher. Henry doesn’t much care for the bandit life except when he gets to chop at folk who resist, but he’s content to listen to his older brother and dial it down when need be.
Jons Beslyr: A former mercenary who fell in with George after the mercenary leader fell. Jons attempted to take command, but the other mercenaries simply laughed as he proclaimed his skill and leadership prowess and went on to other bands or careers. He still believes himself to be a master swordsman despite this.
Alex Beslyr: Jons’s quiet older brother who tries to keep his boasting in check. Alex prefers to lay low and avoid confrontation and conversation both, save for when he brother around, whom he supports whole-heartedly.
Percival Hellox: A self-proclaimed master sniper, Percy won a few archery contests as a child and eventually grew into a profession as a hunter. Despite his skills earlier in life, a lack of practice and a few nasty bouts of gout have dulled his marksmanship, though he refuses to see it.
Jorgen Wickard: Jorgen loves food first and foremost and is a small crop farmer for the band. Before donning the cloak of the highwayman, Jorgen was a simple tailor (a career chosen after a hard life as a child when he always had to have clothes specially made for his size).

George Harthall

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