Harrow Boarfell

Constantly crouching low and staying to the shadows, Harrow is a born hunter and the skins he wears shows it.


Humble Beginnings

Harrow was born and raised in the southern fringes of Dermont primarily above ground, quite unlike most of dwarven heritage. His family were an unconventional collection of dwarves to say the least and were more into nature and farming than mining and smithing. Attempting to use magic to improve farming conditions in the harsh winters of Dermont, the company was often poor and sometimes struggled for food and necessities.

In order to supplement his family’s withering income and food supply, Harrow chose to focus on hunting and ventured out for weeks at a time to bring back furs to sell and meats for his compatriots. Gradually he became more successful in his work, as his his parents. After a number of years, the farm became truly viable with the help of magic and Harrow felt his youth calling him to travel and explore the world. He left Dermont and struck out on his own to the south with his hunting equipment and a purse full of gold made from selling furs.


Eventually, Harrow found himself in southern Neerg and he boarded a ship sailing northward to the shores of Woodwind. During the ride, the shipmates entered a dispute in which the first mate slew the captain and the crew in turn threw the injured first mate overboard hastily. The confrontation continued escalating and more of the crew perished in the ensuing scuffle. With hardly enough crew left to sail, encountering a rough storm was too much for the crew an the vessel went under. Harrow and a few others managed to make it to a nearby island and Harrow’s skills as a hunter and survivalist kept the men alive, living off the local flora and fauna.

Decades on the island passed without the crew able to signal a nearby ship. The human crew eventually passed on and Harrow was left alone on the island with a single elf compatriot, Erryl. The two bonded with one another over the years alone and eventually become close friends, despite some previous racial tensions.

Rescue at Last

Nearly 90 years after they were shipwrecked, a passing pirate vessel on the run came to the island to lie low. With what remaining gold and supplies they’d amassed, Harrow and Erryl convinced the pirate captain to take them aboard with promise of further payment once they reached the mainland again. Fortunately, this trip was uneventful and Harrow and Erryl docked at Saltmarsh where the captain let Harrow go. The captain, intending to hold Harrow to his agreement, kept Erryl locked below decks and insisted he would let him go once Harrow and Erryl had paid their debt.

A Bounty Hunting Career Begins

Finally free and on land, Harrow firstly visited his family’s northern farm. Finding it abandoned and rundown, Harrow was dismayed, but was nevertheless committed to raising the coin to free Erryl. Since he couldn’t borrow it from his family and knowing that selling meats and furs wouldn’t raise the money fast enough, Harrow decided to put his tracking skills to a better use: tracking criminals.

Without much call in Dermont, Harrow traveled south into Enilder and began a career as a bounty hunter. While he found himself a natural at the work, he was frustrated by the slow rate of coin gained and the high costs of repairing his body and equipment after difficult bills. Still, he continued, thinking of no better way to make the necessary money.

Life as an Outlaw

Hired to track down and put an end to the efforts of Leirich Dearborn, Harrow entered the deepest woods of Enilder‘s northeastern forest. Weeks have passed since the hiring and Harrow’s employer, concerned about his success, inquired into his whereabouts. Rumors place him as not only unsuccessful is stopping Leirich, but aiding him.

Harrow Boarfell

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