Leirich Dearborn

Shirtless and scarred, Leirich is covered in leaves and bones of forest animals, wielding only a bow and sword.


Child of the Woods

Whatever became of his parents, none are quite sure, but it is certain that they instilled a few things in Leirich. Firstly, that one must never be conquered by nature. To truly be in tune with it and understand its majesty, you must conquer nature. Secondly, that somewhere down his lineage, Leirich’s family truly had “dearborn” among them and that drinking dear blood and powered buck antlers helps him act as a conduit for the spirits of the animal themselves.

Sources say that Leirich’s parents were druids or rangers, but either way they lived in the woods and rarely contacted civilization. They raised their son in the deep woods and taught him everything they could muster to survive in the wilderness, with little to no reliance on other human beings. Taking that to heart, Leirich has become a master survivalist and an expert at both hunting and gathering.

Master of the Woods

In many regards, Leirich is truly master of the woods in which he resides. He has killed, subdued or chased off any creatures that encroach on his domain and for years acted as a source of vigilante justice for the denizens of the wood, killing off poachers and hunters who would prey on more animals than necessary.

Years ago, Leirich even captured and chastised a troll for uprooting plants and muddying up his nearby streams. Ogg, after thrashing about in his trap, realized soon that he was beaten, and with an intelligence not often seen in trolls, conceded to Leirich as the victor. Rather than end Ogg’s life, Leirich took Ogg in as a protege and taught him the ways of life in the forest. Together, Ogg and Leirich patrolled the woods and kept it safe from being overrun by civilization or over-hunted.

Terror of the Woods

In recent months, the folk of Enilder have taken it upon themselves to begin construction of a new trade route stretching between the capital city and various trading posts in Desicc to facilitate trade of liquors and other exotic goods from the eastern nation. Unfortunately for the first construction crews and the guards, the designated route stretches right through Leirich’s domain.

Leirich and Ogg have picked off any would attempt to chop down trees or otherwise harm the natural surroundings, while continuing to pick off poachers and other unsavory characters venturing a little too far off the beaten path. Unbeknownst to Leirich, however, he’s managed to attract the ire various officials and constables by blocking their path to wealth or unwittingly killing friends or relatives of men in power.

Harrow Boarfell, a recent addition to Leirich and Ogg’s alliance, was initially hired to hunt down and dispose of Leirich, but has disappeared from contact with civilization as well and has been seen assisting the vigilante duo.

Leirich Dearborn

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