Ogg, "Angry Hands"

Big and ugly, even for trolls, Ogg wields a massive mace and is covered in fur and bits of trees as armor.


Trolls aren’t much for discussing history or even personal lives beyond what their favorite dinner is. As such, not a great deal of information is available about Ogg before Leirich subdued him and allied with the over-sized creature.

Ogg came from the northern mountains of Dermont and headed south following migrating birds he found both pretty and tasty, eventually rampaging around in Leirich’s forest and tearing down trees and other plants and rampaging through clean streams to get his desired bird snacks. Leirich devised a trap and caught Ogg in it and explained the troll’s predicament to him: Ogg could either stop destroying the forest, or Leirich would kill him. Generally mountain trolls aren’t much for reason, but Ogg, being both a bit smarter and wiser than the average troll, saw wisdom in Leirich’s words and agreed to stop smashing things.

Leirich, as a show of good faith, caught and roasted a couple of the birds for Ogg, partially to diffuse the troll’s temper, and soon the two became fast friends with Leirich providing hard to catch food for Ogg and Ogg assisting Leirich is keeping the forest’s sanctity in tact.

Ogg, "Angry Hands"

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