Sulnik Neeson


Male Human Bard lvl 7
NG medium humanoid
Init – 0, Perception +8

HP – 57
AC – 21; Touch – 12; Flat – 21
Fort – +4; Reflex – +5; Will – +5

Speed: 30ft
Melee: Rapier (1d6, 18-20 2x)
Bardic Spells Known:
3rd level: Cure Serious Wounds, Good Hope
2nd level: Cure Medium Wounds, Hold Person, Oppression Boredom, Rage
1st level: Charm Person, Ear Piercing Scream, Touch of Gracelessness, Cure Light Wounds, Chord of Shards
0th level: Sift, Flare, Light, Read Magic, Lullaby, Detect Magic

Str 9; Dex 11; Con 12(14); Int 14; Wis 11; Cha 16(17)

Base Attack + 5; CMB: 4; CMD: 14

Feats: Bardic Knowledge, Bardic Performance, Contrips, Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate (up to 3 creatures), Inspire Courage (2), Versatile Performance, Well Versed, Inspire Competence (3), Lore Master, Suggestion, Lingering Performance, Spellsong, Voice of the Sibyl, Alertness, Combat Casting

Skills appraise + 6; bluff + 10; diplomacy + 13; intimidate + 8; knowledge (local) + 10; knowledge (history) + 10; perception + 8; perform (lute) + 13; perform (oratory) + 10; sleight of hand + 5; spellcraft + 9; use magical device + 8
Languages Denar Common, Elven, Dwarven
Other Gear + 1 light fortification mithral chain shirt, wounding rapier, ring of protection + 2, amulet of natural armor + 2, darkwood heavy shield, mwk lute, backpack, bedroll, waterskin, tent, 4181 gp


Sulnik Neeson was born in Remmus and spent the majority of his life in that country. In his childhood, he spent much of his time listening to town elders tell stories of the past, and tales of history always captured his interest. In his young teens, he met a gnome by the name of Shingles, who took him under his wing, which led him into a thieve’s guild in Enilder. Sulnik saw Shingles as a mentor and had the utmost respect for him. He did not take as kindly to the other member of their eventual trio, Falric. While the three of them were out one day, there were captured and imprisoned in a castle in Enilder. While imprisoned, the three of them were rescued by the members of the Original Party, and the trio aided them in their defeat Undar Khun. In the process of escaping and fighting, Sulnik’s arm was broken, forcing him to fight off handed.

Following the defeat, they left the castle for the town of Aargdan. It was there that Shingles betrayed the original party, unbeknownst to Sulnik, and stole a mystical orb. While fleeing, Falric tried to stop Shingles, but ultimately failed. Sulnik, waiting at the thieves’ guild headquarters, welcomed back his old friend, and learned of Falric’s betrayal, and the mystical orb. Then out of nowhere, the orb exploded, causing the death of Shingles, leaving Sulnik shocked, and covered in his remnants. He was offered the opportunity to join the original party when they continued their quest, but ultimately declined due to Falric also going, and Sulnik not wanting anything to do with someone who tried betraying Shingles. From there, he joined a group of travelling merchants who were heading back to Remmus.

During his time travelling, he rediscovered his old interest in history and storytelling, opting to give up his life of thievery. After his arm healed, he acquired a lute and became very proficient in his playing along with storytelling. When the merchants would arrive in a new town, Sulnik would walk about and create a buzz of interest in the merchants wares, resulting in great sales numbers from all the merchants, who paid Sulnik with a cut of their earnings for sending the customers their way. At night in the various towns, he would make his way to various taverns and entertain the townsfolk, who tipped him quite generously. The group would often make multiple night stays in each town due to Sulnik’s success in lute playing and storytelling. To this day, he has made it back to Remmus, but still goes out with merchants from time to time to help business.

Appearance: Sulnik stands 5’8 and has a thin frame. He has dark skin and short hair. He is often wearing a long coat and dark shirt, hiding his armor. He also is often carrying his lute in hand, or it is strapped on to his side.

Sulnik Neeson

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