Basic Information and History

Orion, called the King in the Wood, is the lord of all elves in Woodwind. He commands his people from a mithril city in the center of The King’s Wood. Alive for centuries, Orion has seen much of the world’s history in person, though he remains largely quiet on the subject. Despite being an elf and ruling over the race, he believes in keeping a varied counsel and includes dwarves and humans in his discussion, so as to gain differing views.

Orion’s palace and seat of power are located in the city of Annailgren, the City of Mithril.

Recent Events

The King in the Wood has played a great part in the events unfolding with the Theos and the suspected war between the gods. He has been collaborating with The Five and assisting in their endeavors to quell the Theos threat, both in person and via his agents.


  • Orion’s personal guard and most trusted advisor is a human, Ysval.
  • It is said Orion is the only being that lived during the Age of Hollan.


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