Basic Information

The Theos are an artificially created sub-race made by currently unknown means. The process was initially created to be performed on humans, but it has been sighted on half-elves, half-orcs and elves as well as more monstrous races such as minotaurs.


The Theos were created in an attempt to make humans and other creatures greater beings than they initially were, surpassing the need for a pantheon of gods to guide their existence. The creators of the Theos preach a message of self-sufficiency and independence of the gods, though oddly enough, evidence of worshipers of dark gods have been found in the bowels of castles where Theos are created.


Theos are notably faster and stronger than other members of their previous race, though their new condition yellows their schlera and makes under-the-skin veins blue and significantly more noticeable than normal beings. This physical change of appearance makes them distinct and frightening to most who see them and many find them unattractive because of this physical change.

Despite the major physiological changes a body undergoes when becoming a Theos, all basic functions and abilities of normal being are thought to be retained.


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