Basic Information

A rigidly structured country with a strong distaste for users of arcane magics, Enilder is know for its strict adherence to martial law. The country has a mostly temperate climate and is found in the middle of the continent, Chellar, entirely landlocked. The country is run by a monarchy dating back longer than records still in existence care to remember.


Enilder’s borders are determined by rivers flowing to every side. Separating it from Woodwind to the west is the Eutigra River; from Dermont in the north, The Southron; from Desicc in the east, the River Mortis; and from Remmus in the south by Radiant River, also known as the Splendid Stream. Enilder is largely made up of simple plains and rolling hills with small pockets of trees and forest spread throughout. The northern region is more mountainous and endures frequent snows during winters.

Enild Exports

To come.

Foreign Policy

Remmus: Indifferent.
Neerg: Unfriendly yet peaceful. They distrust Neergians for their appearance and shamanic magics.

Notable Persons and Groups

Notable Places


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