Below is a short list of major and minor events that affect the PCs or are large-scale shifts in the world organized by date. All years are given by the Enilderan Calendar.

Year 1

  • 23 Amil : In the center of Chellar, a charismatic man named Soren unites peoples of nearby villages into a single cooperative city-state which begins expansion outward.

Year 13

  • 1 Spriggen : The Enilderan Calendar is instated officially, with dates starting back to the year of the formation of the small city-state.

Year 908

  • 3 Sza : Amadou unites all of the islands of Neerg into a single nation and begin to construct larger ships to foray to the mainland.
  • 35 Hearthlight : Neergians first arrive on the mainland and find the coastal area largely uninhabited here.

Year 909

  • 12 Spriggen : After many skirmishes, settlers of mainland Chellar finally make an uneasy peace with Neergian islanders who have settled on the coastline near their homes.

Year 917

  • 40 Kul : Brynjar Helbrast I begins a military campaign to absorb nearby city-states into a larger kingdom.

Year 934

  • 12 Kul : After a long campaign, Helbrast I unites all of Dermont’s feudal territories into a single state, becoming King Helbrast I.
  • 22 Sewin : Neergian islanders make way to the mainland and begin absorbing territories claimed by Enilder.

Year 935

  • 15 Amil : Unable to ignore the border encroachment, Enilder declares war on the foreigners from Neerg
  • 13 Kul : King Belfast II of Enilder is slain in one-on-one combat against Challa, a champion of Neerg.
  • 23 Kul : King Belfast II is replaced by his son, King Siegfried IV.
  • 38 Hearthlight : After a short, bloody conflict, Enilder concedes a sliver of coastal land to Neerg with taxes claimed on all products of the country for 200 years.

Year 1187

  • 33 Finir : A long, arduous civil war begins in Desicc due to food shortages and class discrepancies.

Year 1198

  • 27 Crescen : The end of a vicious civil war in Desicc comes to a close with the establishment of a new democratic form of government.

Year 1251

  • 7 Spriggen : King Helbrast VI of Dermont perishes from disease.
  • 13 Spriggen : Colbrast II becomes the new king of Dermont.

Year 1252

Year 1257

  • 3 Amil : Disputes about the exact location of borders between Neerg and Enilder escalate, with Enilder declaring war on their southern neighbors.
  • 25 Sza : Remmus begins to aid Neerg in the Border War with troops instead of solely supplies.

Year 1259

  • 12 Sewin : Emissaries from Neerg and Enilder reach a truce on their border-dispute-turned-war. The commonfolk celebrate and the treaty heralds a long-lasting peace. Enilderan borders expand moderately due to the treaty and Neergian space on the mainland shrinks.

Year 1263

  • 16 Kul : Loradin Bugman returns home to his father’s sick bed, before leaving again to the life of a mercenary.

Year 1273

  • 34 Hearthlight : The original party unites with Loradin Bugman and others to help Viradunin Stonehall reclaim her fallen inn guests from marauding frost giants.
  • 39 Hearthlight : After finding an undead mind flayer beneath the ice giant caverns and watching aspects of Terger and Cas battle, the party returns to the surface to see an angry, winged comet blazing in the sky.

Year 1274


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